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LOGLINE: your series longline here.


This is tricky. It is not your typical longline for an audience, it is a tool to hook the network exec or the producer when you pitch it to them.

You must:

  • Pitch them something that has already been successful and…
  • Deliver a unique and new story.

What? Yes. In one sentence, get them hooked. Format Longline examples:

  • “MTV cops.” (Miami vice).
  • “90210 on the beach in Orange County.” (The OC).

The Trojan Horse Set Up

Termed ‘the Trojan Horse’ set up, use what is known and proven to twist us quickly and hook us into an unknown world. Then, lead us to a far more ’nuanced’ and original story.

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    williamjordan 2017/03/27 at 21:52

    There was a Sean Connery move from the 1980s called Outland. It’s logline (or “higher concept” in those days) was: High Noon in outer space.

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