Shawna Lynn Cox

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OVERVIEW: not a summary, this is a 2 page introduction to the world of the series and a taste of the journey ahead.


Include the setting, contact, style and tone. Include teasers or tags of characters, locations and the dangers they present; work these into simple sentences to hook the listener, intrigue them, take them on a journey where they will have both curiosity and questions that will drive them to want to know more. (ex. each week, a rogue ghost operative must locate and ‘kill’ or ‘capture’ someone off her ‘blacklist’ before The Echelon beats her to it.)

Suggest future story events that spin off future episodes  (note I wrote ’suggest’, which very much comes in your tone, delivery and response to feedback during the pitch meeting).

Really go for it. You have nothing to lose. Remember, energy and ideas over ego and pages.

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