Shawna Lynn Cox

(the) Infinite Creativity begins with a mentor, a daily ritual and a playful game.

Sitting with Janet Conner and her book ‘Writing down your soul’. We are setting the creative stage with ‘Intention’ to take our Next Steps:

Janet: The thing you do before you pick up a pen: set your intention. It is the intention that puts everything in motion. When you begin with a clear intention to access the ‘Voice of Wisdom’ within, you let the universe know that you are ready – and the universe responds – always. Set your intention to open your soul to ‘divine dialogue’ and elevate the ‘act of writing’ to place regular journaling rarely goes.

Shawna: I love this. All too often not only in creative work, but in life, we overlook this most important step. Without a clear intention, what do we honestly expect to deliver or receive in a relationship with self, others and the world around us? With our work? With our state of being? Without an intention before we begin or take a Next Step, not only will our beginning (and being) be unfocused, unclear and without direction, but the journey taken and the message delivered runs at great risk of being a ‘Compass without a Northing’.

Lets put the North back in your Compass: Choose an Intention.

It can as simple of an intention of writing 3 pages as in Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way, ‘Morning Pages’, and nothing else, no other goals (you are NOT finishing a novel today – you are seeking your Next Step – your connection and a completion).

You now have simply set the stage and set a strong launching point for your creative session. You will also be simply putting to practise Deep Focus – the thing that feeds our Infinite Creativity and delivers that elusive sense of Natural Connection, Completion and Fulfillment – in just one sitting. Imagine that feeling…a simple, Deep Connection and Natural Fulfillment.

Now it’s time to give back to yourself… Time for a little magical boost from deep within! Time for an Intention Test Drive….

Your Next Step to Your Infinite Creativity:

BE STILL right now, right where you are – be completely still – freeze. Your Intention: Listen. Listen for 2-5 minutes. Listen with your ears – until you hear everything around you. Then, listen with your eyes – yes, listen with your eyes, until they ‘hear’ everything. Then, listen with your body – your hands, your toes, your knees, your heart. Then, listen with your soul – where ever it takes you.

At this point you have a choice to take a deep breath and let all that settle into your being – Connected, Complete – totally your choice. Take another deep breath and know that this is in you – all you ‘heard’ – know that you’ve completed a Next Step in your Infinite Creativity and I personally give you permission to Celebrate completing this step, even with just a simple smile to yourself – and know that I am smiling with you right now… 🙂 Congratulations, you’ve completed a step in Your Infinite Creativity.

Bonus Next Step:

ACT on your activated Infinite Creativity right now, right where you are! Grab your pen, your camera, your guitar, your script and PLAY! Write 3 lines, take 3 photos, strum 3 chords, write 3 lyrics, improvise 3 lines of dialogue! …and don’t forget to celebrate after!

Intention. Connection, Creation, Completion, Celebration. How does it feel? Feeling a slight pull from your Compass? Let me know how you feel, what came from this Step and any resistance that may have came up for you…you may feel differently than you would expect, but don’t overlook or throw any of it away – it is all coming to surface to guide you to your Next Step towards Your Infinite Creativity!

I’m smiling with you ~ Follow your Heart – Chase your Dreams

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