Shawna Lynn Cox

I wake to write.

I do what I love the first thing in the morning – I wake to write. That way, I’ve done the most important thing for myself in the day, no excuses, no ‘after I do this then I will write.’ It is a ritual and my writing muse gets me out of bed early enough to grab my favourite spot at my local cafe of choice, Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe, a good brisk walk away in South Granville.

After doing my ‘Wake Up Writing’ (a mind meld between writing guru, Julia Cameron’s ‘Morning Pages’ and acting guru Stanford Meinser inspired ‘listening’ exercise), I turn to my iPad.

From my outline of chapters and sections that I created from planning my book, I pick a topic, and write my post up to 500 words. I use the topic as the title and select the title of the book in my blog subcategories.

I try not to time my writing and really try for a Hemingway style of only ‘writing forward’, no ‘going back’ or editing as I write. This is all about trusting what comes up and ‘riffing’ on the topic. Let yourself play and discover something new about the topic or even maybe yourself and what you did or did not know.

If the post goes on past 300 words, I look to see if there are really 2 concepts being born and will look to separate that one post into 2 distinct posts about that one topic.

Sometimes, if I am really churning out the content and word count, I cut and past over into my iAuthor so I can see more how all the concepts are feeding each other or the next one. This is a bit more like lego, building blocks of ideas around a concept or section. This is cool as its like building little skyscrapers (ideas, posts) in their own little city (concept, section). Best of all, you can move those little skyscrapers around in the city to your own liking. Like planning a city, writing can be just as hands on when blogging a book.

Once I feel I’ve DRAFTED (not perfected) a post or series of posts (a city), I pull out 3-5 ‘take-aways’, bullet or point form that summarize or introduce the topic of the blog post – I try to keep each bullet or point between 1-6 words at most. Easy to see, understand and most important, remember.

Then, I choose one word or a short phrase, look for an image (my friend Honey-Mae recommended Canva as they have easy apps to start making cool images, fast.

Then, I’ll sum up my post as it relates to other content within my site by selecting a few existing key words (that I have chosen as part of my branding and content identifiers) to help support cross content in my local site.

That’s my basic workflow. I wake to write – 500 words a day – first thing in the morning, I do what I love – tell stories!

Will I see you tomorrow in the cafe? I hope so.
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