Shawna Lynn Cox

There are Master Steps and Mini Steps. Mini Steps are contained within the Master Steps (broken down to make the journey through each step easier, like a universe containing a solar system). Think of each as a point along the journey of your creative venture.

As with the Hero’s Journey, place you and your desire (your project) at the top of the circle, at the beginning of a journey that will follow along the story circle and through the Master Steps (also known as the Marco-Cycle – for you athletes out there).

Each Master Step has a specific function on the journey, that moves you and your creative venture along the circle – from one step into the next step – just like an act in a stage play or a chapter in a book. movies, from one Act to the next, from one Chapter to the next. Think of these like Acts – the stages you and your story need to move through in order to reach your end goal.

Within each Master Step, lies Mini Steps  (Micro-Cycle – for you athletes out there). They are like the scenes in a movie that make up an each of the 4 acts of a film. These  Mini Steps each have their own journeys with a beginning, middle and end –  just like in the movies, from one scene to the next. Think of these as Action and Dialogue – what you need to do and who you need to engage to get from the beginning of the Master Step to the End of the Master Step, to complete each ACT and reach your goal.

So what am I getting at? Pack your bags, and grab your Method Passport, because you have a few journeys ahead!

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