Shawna Lynn Cox

Think of it like your wizards bag – all your tricks and treasures and without them, you lose your magic powers.

Never lose sight of your tools, never lend them to anyone else – they are yours, your property and like any good wizard trick, you will be the only one to wield it’s power – you will make it uniquely yours – if you lose them – you lose your magic, your mojo, your muse – quite simply, you will lose your way.

If you get stuck any where on the journey – you just go to your tool box and try a tool – if it doesn’t work, try a different one – you will back along your way sooner than you think.

The 3 Keys

  • The Hero
  • The Story(line)
  • The Next Step

The 3 Actions (magic words)

  • Listen
  • Practice
  • Repeat

Bonus Bag of Tricks

  • The Next Step
  • The In-between
  • The Other
  • KISaS : (don’t call me stupid) Keep it Simple and Scalable

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