Shawna Lynn Cox

Keep this simple.  Don’t over think this. This is like a multiple choice question – your first answer / impulse is usually the correct one – or closest to being authentic. Think answers a 5 year old would understand.

Hahaha! I LOVE this part! It’s the hardest part but should be the most fun! It’s the beginning of an adventure! Where something starts to become something from nothing – the true moment of creation! And what better place to make a ton of awesome mistakes, blunders, and share embarassing desires! Ha! All for the sake of making something from nothing and jumping into the unknown! Here we go… I promise I won’t laugh….much – it’s good for your health and self! Play time.

To tell the FULL STORY, we work on the 2 sides to every story. Like all movies, we have the main character, The Hero (aka, you) and The Story(line), the journey the hero goes on (aka, your adventure / your project). Never thought you’d be the hero of your own story? Well, it’s more important to the success of your project than you think. When you watch a film, do you fall in love with or relate to the hero or the story line?

Most of us don’t even think of the storyline – we just watch our hero fight his way against all odds to achieve his end desire – the story line is the vessel that we travel with the hero along the way. We fall in love with the film’s leads – if it’s a good storyline. Funny how you can watch a movie with a box office star and walk away bummed and thinking less of the movie star just because it was a poor storyline – and funny, most people blame the actor.  BUT if the storyline is polished, it could be an unknown indie actor and because he’s done his work like a professional, you would walk away from this Netflix find, feeling moved, understood and searching for more movies by that actor, thinking he’s the next big thing and telling all your friends about him over coffees the next day – people LOVE finding stuff, LOVE discovering the next big thing – and that’s what our goal is. Making your the hero of your story – so people want to tell others about you and your story – so other people want to know about you and your story. Get it? Sounds simple? It is – IF YOU DO THE WORK.

The take away? Everyone starts somewhere, but it is only The Work that you put in that gets you anywhere – yes, even James Franco has put in the work. It takes 10 years (10,000 hours) to become a Master – every minute counts and you really do ‘get out of it what you put into it’. Even if you just want to do one project and keep your day job, why not keep it simple and start where the Masters already play? They’ve left their maps behind so you can find your way a little easier.

Ready to do the work? I thought so.

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