Shawna Lynn Cox

This is the narrative, the journey that you, the Hero travels along, starting out in your regular world, and following a desire, you enter into an unknown world to achieve a goal fulfilling that desire and returning back to your regular world at the end of it all, changed by the experience / journey.

Wow – did I really get all that out? Sounds simple? It is – but being humans, we complicate everything because, you guessed it – we are all heroes of our own real-life story living out, real time, the reality of our own needs and desires which make for…. you guessed it, drama. Ever feel like your life is a TV series or a movie? Well, it is  – it’s in our DNA – we are story.

You heard me, story is in our DNA – its part of our survival mechanism. No surprise that we have followed the basic storytelling structure since the dawn of time (human that is 😉 ) and not much has changed – yes we have gotten more creative with the elements, but the elements in the most part, stay the same – in order to communicate a message to a large body of people, there is a common structure – it would be too difficult and time consuming to learn a new language, method or structure – the saber tooth tiger would eat us or the CEO would annihilate us and we would be dinner or out on the streets.

Either way – coodoes for trying where genetic evolution is required and if you are ahead of the curve, then you suffer the stigmata of genius or mentally disturbed – which ever category some expert wishes to place you in that is most convenient for him and society at the time – either way, lets get you clear and communicating to get your concept to completion and keep you off the streets and out of the loony bin!

Story in 3 Acts:

  • Act 1 – Beginning; Intro to Heroes Regular World.
  • Act 2  – Middle; Hero chases desire into Unknown World and faces challenges.
  • Act 3  – End; Hero returns to the Regular World, changed.

Lets do deeper and get into some Mini Steps and get you on your way through your story and closer to your creative goal. Let’s start shaping your story.

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