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“myth is a traditional or legendary story, collection, or study. It is derived from the Greek word mythos, which simply means “story”.”

“A myth also can be a story to explain why something exists.”

SLC comment : Simple clear explanation of why ‘myth’ for Wake.

SLC comment : Wake is an explanation of why / what is happening in our world, now.

“myth can be a story involving symbols that are capable of multiple meanings”

“The body of a myth in any given culture usually includes a cosmogonical or creation myth, concerning the origins of the world, or how the world came to exist”

“The active beings in myths are generally gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, or animals and plants”

“Most myths are set in a timeless past before recorded and critical history begins.”

“Academic usage”

SLC comment : The following are the series story points, characters, plot points, structure.

“myth is a sacred narrative in the sense that it holds religious or spiritual significance for those who tell it”

“Myths also contribute to and express the systems of thought and values of a culture”

“To the source culture, however, a myth by definition is “true”, in that it embodies beliefs, concepts, and ways of questioning to make sense of the world.”

SLC comment : This is the basis for the series

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