Shawna Lynn Cox
All right, lets get you started!
First, check out my own Blog Template : TV Format that I use to get each new idea started, so you have an idea of the interactivity.
These are the main Blog Template TV Format sections:
  • Cover Page
  • Logline
  • Overview
  • Characters – Main
  • Characters – Supporting
  • Stories and Structure
  • Supporting Materials

Steps to Creating your Online TV Format:

  1. Create a Post Category labeled: ‘Your Title’ TV Format
  2. Note the Category’s ID#
  3. Create, Publish a Page titled: ‘Your Title’ TV Format
  4. In the page options, in ‘filter by taxonomy’ type: category : ID#
  5. Create Posts for each section of the TV Format above with the same titles.
  6. Bulk Edit All Posts: Add Category ‘Your Title’ TV Format, and Publish
  7. Change the Published Times: of each post to allow for proper ordering (Cover Page to be the last post published, Supporting Materials the first, and all others changed to sequential times in-between. TIP: I chose an hour difference between each posts to keep it simple.)

Optional Steps:

  1. Add the Page to your blog’s main menu for easy navigation.
  2. Add the Simple Membership WP Plugin to protect your Online TV Format  or create a ‘members only’ Focus Group to share and hash out drafts.
  3. Add the Pinterest Board Widget to your posts to help visualize your ideas.
  4. Make a Template Page and Posts, then use Duplicate Post WP Plugin to turn all your ideas into online pitches!

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