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The TV Series Format Template : Write it Down

Whether you are just starting out on your idea or you already have been living in the world of your series for years, there is no time like now to simplify the pitch process and get onto your ‘cheat sheet’ the information the studios will be looking for in that first meeting. This is a work in progress. […]

(the) Work Blog Template - TV Format

The Cover Page

TITLE: your title here (tips to title your project). GENRE: your genre here (tips to figure out the genre). BASED ON:  if it is based on other work (tips to get the rights). WRITTEN or CREATED BY: your name here. CONTACT: your agent or your info here. Tips: This is what goes on the first […]

(the) Work Blog Template - TV Format

The Logline

Page One LOGLINE: your series longline here. TIPS: This is tricky. It is not your typical longline for an audience, it is a tool to hook the network exec or the producer when you pitch it to them. You must: Pitch them something that has already been successful and… Deliver a unique and new story. What? Yes. In […]

(the) Work Blog Template - TV Format

The Series Overview

Next 2-3 Pages OVERVIEW: not a summary, this is a 2 page introduction to the world of the series and a taste of the journey ahead. Tips: Include the setting, contact, style and tone. Include teasers or tags of characters, locations and the dangers they present; work these into simple sentences to hook the listener, intrigue them, take them on a journey […]

(the) Work Blog Template - TV Format

The Series Characters – Main

Next 1-3 Pages MAIN CHARACTERS: choose 1 to 3 characters to feature, one page for each, and engage us in their spirit and goals. Tips: Again, ‘energy and ideas’, but get into their world and get us under their stakes. Make us engage, care and prepare us for what the journey with them as our guides. How will we come […]

(the) Work Blog Template - TV Format

The Series Characters – Supporting

Next 1/2 Page SECONDARY CHARACTERS : choose only a handful that create the most intriguing foils to our main characters and summarize each in 1 to 3 short sentences or a tagline. Tips: Their parts may grow later, and definitely elude to that, but that’s enough of a tease for now. Don’t Miss: The TV Series Format Template : Write it Down The TV […]

(the) Work Blog Template - TV Format

The Series Stories and Structure

Next Page THE STORIES and STRUCTURE: this is where you hit it home. Communicate the potential, the possibilities and scalability of your vision. Tips: Write one paragraph, a touch point, for each / any of the following: describe the long series arc, the hero’s journey from the inciting incident to the end of series. tell the arc or plot […]

(the) Work Blog Template - TV Format

The Supporting Material

Final Page SUPPORTING MATERIALS: anything to help excite them about this story. Tips: Images, art, endorsements, bios, something they will remember but watch the swag…let your story and energy win them over, not a coffee mug. Don’t Miss: The TV Series Format Template : Write it Down The TV Series Format Pitch : Energy and Ideas