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(the) Work – a Breakdown

Ritual: a system of rites – an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner. Step: a short distance – a stage in a process. Method: a way, technique, or process of or for doing something – careful arrangement. Solo: something undertaken or done alone – to perform by oneself. Indie: one that is independent […]

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Master and Mini Steps

There are Master Steps and Mini Steps. Mini Steps are contained within the Master Steps (broken down to make the journey through each step easier, like a universe containing a solar system). Think of each as a point along the journey of your creative venture. As with the Hero’s Journey, place you and your desire […]

(the) Work 150 Method Step

The Steps – Intro

The 3 Master Steps: Your Story Your Plan Your Pitch (Bonus Step) Your Production Three steps. That’s it. Your Story, Your Plan, Your Pitch. Oh, yes, and the bonus one of course for you over-achieving masichistic, completionists out there like me, Your Prodcution. 🙂 Producing can be is creative too, but it is the one […]

(the) Work 150 Method Step

The Steps and Tools – Intro

Most important concept is the circle, it is your map – without the circle, you will get lost, trust me – and we can’t afford to lose our hero on his journey. Keep the circle in your mind and you will always know where you are on the journey – even if you feel lost […]

(the) Work 150 Method

150 Method – Draw Your Circle

Before we get to far, we must start somewhere. It seems simple enough, but now a days, its far to easy to get started in the middle of nowhere and end up – you guessed it – nowhere. So, let’s get you started, somewhere. Let me introduce you to three words that may just change […]

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The 150 Method – Introduction

What is The 150 Method? It’s for you – for Solo & DIY Creatives and more… Stuck? Overwhelmed? No idea how to start? Can’t communicate your idea? The Steps & the Tools  “Tap into Indie Filmmaking tools and storytelling secrets of Hollywood to turn your next idea into your next project – with just you […]