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Your Story – The Storyline

This is the narrative, the journey that you, the Hero travels along, starting out in your regular world, and following a desire, you enter into an unknown world to achieve a goal fulfilling that desire and returning back to your regular world at the end of it all, changed by the experience / journey. Wow […]

150 Method Write

Your Story – The Hero

The Hero of my Story : (Your Name Here) All great heroes in life and in fiction, have great – or at least very interesting characters. It’s now our work to suss out yours – even if you are the most introverted, reclusive and humble person on the planet (like I was not too long […]

150 Method Write

Your Story – Intro

Keep this simple.  Don’t over think this. This is like a multiple choice question – your first answer / impulse is usually the correct one – or closest to being authentic. Think answers a 5 year old would understand. Hahaha! I LOVE this part! It’s the hardest part but should be the most fun! It’s […]

150 Method Write

The (magic) Tools – Intro

Think of it like your wizards bag – all your tricks and treasures and without them, you lose your magic powers. Never lose sight of your tools, never lend them to anyone else – they are yours, your property and like any good wizard trick, you will be the only one to wield it’s power […]

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Blog a Book – Ritual

Blog a short book in 30 days – 500 words a day – from concept to completion and from the comfort of your own home or local cafe! DIY Concept to Completion! The Goal. Turn the one sheet for The 150 Method into a book in 30 days while publishing the content as I write […]

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150 Method – Born of Ink

The 150 Method has begun! It all starts with an idea, a few lines of ink in a blackbook written in the cafe, followed by a quick one sheet, drafted up back at home. Let’s see where we go with this idea in my mind. Book? Blog a book? Methodology? Or something a bit more? […]

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Write : Rite by Hand

I would not discover such things, If I did not right them; Down by my hand. -Shawna Lynn Cox One quick rite to ‘Write’ Write by hand, about your handwriting as you write; what to you see, sense, hear, feel, smell, taste? Time: 1-10 minutes (or MORE) Begin. Explore. Complete. Celebrate! Congratulations on connecting with […]