Shawna Lynn Cox


Year Made/TRT: 2013/ 90 min
Drama, Comedy, Romance, Mystery
CANADA (Vancouver, Calgary)



Festival Premiere
Manhattan Film Festival, 2013.


A Film by Shawna Lynn Cox:

Shawna Lynn Cox, Filmmaker (writer, director, producer, editor).


Amelia Trinidad-Oakley

Mark Ghanime  (known for his supporting lead role in the sci-fi series, Helix)

Priscilla Faia (known for her supporting lead role in the crime-drama series, Rookie Blue)

Jamie Switch

A Short Production Description:

Shot for under $25,000 CDN, completed with crowd-sourced funding, this is the very first feature film for Producer/Director/Writer, Shawna Cox and most of the cast and crew.

Shot in 12 days, over 5 years. 2 different DP’s and with 3 different cameras finishing with the Canon Mark II, the film is self financed with finishing funds raised through Kickstarter. This is the cast and crew’s first feature length film.

Produced in Canada, One Night in Seattle, is a 90 minute, independent HD Drama, written, developed and featuring talent and music from Calgary, Canada. Shot on locations in Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, USA.

A Short Synopsis:

A hypnotic tale of one true love, one true dream and being lost somewhere in between.

Sera’s a thirty-something filmmaker from Vancouver and she’s leaving Seattle and her film dreams behind just as Mark Henley, the leading man of her dreams, walks into the cafe. With nothing left to lose, Sera sets course to befriend Mark to save her film, but as their innocent coffee date turns into a full day affair, Sera must face the deeper truth of what her dreams truly are and why she runs from love.

Film Details:

Directed, Written, Produced, Edited by Shawna Cox
Year Made/TRT: 2013/ 90 min
Drama, Comedy, Romance, Mystery
CANADA (Vancouver, Calgary)