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Created, Written by Shawna Cox
Drama, Thriller, Spy, Sci-fi



In Development.


A Original Series by Shawna Lynn Cox

Series Synopsis:

Hunted by the past – haunted by the future.

There is a war – so they say – and ‘They’ are here, among us, now. They are the next stage in human evolution and covert operations – and all the world is their stage. Operative Sera Michaels’ memory is wiped and she wakes as ‘Guylaine’, under the protection of one of the splintered factions. She must not only navigate the darkest intentions of those closest to her, decipher cryptic intel and shadow messengers, but also piece back together the damaged construct of her own shattered mind. The closer she gets to knowing her true identity and her hidden potential, the deeper she must bury everything and everyone before losing it all to ‘The Others’ in ‘The Hunt’.

Sera is the key to future survival and the weapon that ends them all.

Series Details:

Created, Written by Shawna Cox
Drama, Thriller, Spy, Sci-fi

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